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BK Precision DAS1700 High Speed Data Acquisition System

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24 / 11 / 2022
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Detail BK Precision DAS1700 High Speed Data Acquisition System

Precision Part
DAS1700 high speed, configurable data acquisition system combines a fast sampling rate, deep memory, and a large touchscreen display. Internal software tools are also provided like the power analysis application and a function editor for complex mathematical calculations on multiple channels.

These recorders feature a 1 µs sampling rate on up to 6 channels simultaneously while the 500 GB internal memory allows for recording over long periods. Data is acquired from 4 measurement board types which include universal input, multiplexed, strain gauge, and high voltage. Optional CAN and LIN inputs further extend the ability of this recorder.

Choose any combination of 3 boards, or add the extension module for up to 6 boards for applications ranging from small sensor signal logging to electrical power analysis.

Features and benefits:

Fast sampling rate: up to 1 MSa/s (1 μs) on each channel
Up to 72 channels (with multiplexed board)
4 measurement board types; Universal, Multiplexed, Strain Gauge, High Voltage
Measure up to 1000 VAC with high voltage board
Temperature measurements supporting thermocouples and Pt100/Pt200/Pt500/Pt1000 sensors
CAN, LIN options
GPS and IRIG timing options
16-bit resolution with multiplexed and strain gauge boards
14-bit resolution with universal and high voltage boards
500 GB SSD internal memory (2 TB optional)
16 logic input channels
WiFi monitoring and control (standard USB WiFi dongle required)
CAT III 1000 V and CAT IV 600 V
Wide TFT display with 15.6-inch touchscreen
USB host and LAN
Battery option (up to 2 hours)
Free software for control and analysis
Rugged carrying case included
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