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KRAL Screw Pumps Z Series

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17 / 11 / 2022
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Detail KRAL Screw Pumps Z Series

Screw Pump
In the new Z series, KRAL applies its expertise in pump de-
sign and technology to two screw pumps. As a result, the
KRAL Z series is capable of delivering aggressive, low- or
non-lubricating, and contaminated media with the reliability and quality that KRAL products are valued for by customers worldwide. In keeping with its commitment to constant innovation, KRAL has integrated an important new feature. The ability to arrange the inlet / outlet connections in any desired way (see page 10-11). This is a new feature for pumps of this type, and there is nothing like it on the market.

The KRAL Z series features synchronized, two-spindle screw pumps with a double-suction design. Because the screws are synchronized and hence contact-free, they can deliver even contaminated and non-lubricating media reliably and without pulsation. Dry running is possible, too. The double-fluted design facilitates very high delivery rates and axial pressure equalization in the pump housing, which ensures that the pump has a long lifetime.
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