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Temperature Sensor When you have a technical problem or question about
thermocouples, RTDs, or temperature measurement, give
us a call. You’ll speak with an experienced technician
with a wide knowledge of the field. In addition to a complete
line of temperature sensors, we build more “specials” and
service a greater variety of industries than any of the
thermocouple manufacturer. In fact, chances are excellent
as we have already solved a problem similar to yours. We’ll be
happy to tell you about our experience and discuss possible
solutions without any obligations.

Many larger thermocouple manufacturers would rather not
be bothered with “specials”. They want large volume orders.
So ‘specials” go to the bottom of the pile and delivery and
communication with the customer are usually very poor.
Of course, we like large orders as much as the next company.
But what sets us apart is our enthusiasm about solving
problems for our customers, big and small. You can depend
on our temperature sensors to provide the temperature
measurement and control solutions you need.

Gauging & Automation's thermocouples and thermocouple
wire meet accuracy standards as defined by the many
technical societies and manufacturers.
Selected grade thermocouple wire can be supplied in
instances where special or standard grade material does not
provide the accuracy needed at specific temperatures. The
availability of this grade depends on your specific
requirements and stock levels.
Calibration of thermocouples or thermocouple wire is a
laboratory test performed on a specific product or lot to
determine its departure from a defined temperature - E.M.F.
relationship. ASTM E 230 (ITS 90) describes the relationship
for the various thermocouple types, portions of which can be
found in the Technical Reference Information booklet,
available on request. Calibrations are conducted following
the general guidelines of ASTM E 220. Test results are
reported in certificate form indicating test temperatures, °F
or °C corrections and standards traceable data.

Each product tested can be tagged with a test number,
date and correction data. Pricing for calibration and testing
is based on tests selected, quantity to be tested, and
number of test temperatues. Test temperatures within the
range of 0°C (32°F) to 1371°C (2500°F) are available at
competitive pricing. Sub-zero checking and high temperatture
(above 1371°C) are available on special quotation
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