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Leomi 586 Insertion Thermal Mass Flow Meter

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21 / 11 / 2022
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Detail Leomi 586 Insertion Thermal Mass Flow Meter

Flow Meter
LEOMI-586 Thermal Mass (Calorimetric) Flow Meter works on the physical principle of thermal dispersion from a heated element to the ambient medium (example: air or gases). This is affected by the velocity, density (temperature and pressure) and by the characteristic of the medium. The amount of needed energy is a function of the temperature difference △T and the mass flow.

Gas flowing through two RTD PT-100 one reference (T ref) and other Heater (Th). The temperature difference (over-temperature) △t between the reference sensor (medium temperature) and the heater sensor is controlled constantly. As per King’s Law, higher the mass flow rate, higher the cooling effect of the heater sensor, thus higher the power required to maintain the differential temperature constant. Therefore the heater power is proportional to the has mass flow rate.
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