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  • Fireye 61-6944-050 Wiring harness

Fireye 61-6944-050 Wiring Harness

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04 / 11 / 2022
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Detail Fireye 61-6944-050 Wiring Harness

Wiring Management We can offer you great assistance and pricing on the Fireye 61-6944-050 Wiring harness for InSight I scanner – 50 feet. These Fireye products are used in the industrial and utility combustion market. System Components scanners sense the presence of flame in industrial and utility combustion chambers using fossil fuel burning equipment. When used with Fireye amplifiers and controls they provide a high degree of sensitivity and discrimination.

The latest in flame safety technology is the Fireye line of burner controls. These combine safety, communication, and diagnostics into one compact, integrated, and affordable control. Fireye works with a range of commercial and industrial applications: burners, boilers, furnaces, kilns, and more. The energy conservation features significantly reduce unnecessary and wasteful purge related heat losses.
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